Connected Homes

Wiring Americas' Homes created this site to help you understand the potential value and benefits of a networked or "connected home." We want to help ensure your home is equipped with a structured wiring system to support the advanced technologies of today and tomorrow that will help make your house a home.

Whether it's home computing, Sydney IT Support, entertainment systems, comfort/environmental controls, or security and lighting controls, structured wiring could be the key that links all of your home technologies. The assistance of a fully complete Computer Knowledge Base also helps. So, if the answer is structured wiring, then what is the question?
That depends on what's important to you and your family. How can you access e-mail while your kids work on their school assignments online and your spouse talks on the phone? How can you network all of the computers in your home to share files, software and equipment, such as one central printer, scanner and fax machine, without hiring your own MIS director? How can I get the full internet or modem speed that I am supposed to get from my new computer? How can you get high-speed Internet access from any outlet in your home (and, yes, that means taking the laptop al fresco for those all too common work-at-home weekends)?

How can you distribute video from one central location to any TV in the house without investing in multiple DVDs or VCRs? How can you turn the picture-in-picture function on your TV into a video security or baby monitor? How can you make sure your new home is equipped to let you enjoy all the benefits of both today's and tomorrow's new technologies? The applications of a "connected home" are nearly endless. With structured wiring as the backbone of your home.